Our events are designed to help you improve your game and hit the latest and greatest in the world of golf. 

-A chance to hit the widest selection of clubs anywhere in Virginia.

-Meet and chat with our manufacture’s experts

-Have fun with other golfers

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Fitting Days by Appointment*

April 11th | Callaway | 3-7
April 18th | Mizuno |1-5
May 29th | Xxio | 12-5
June 5th | Cobra | 1-5

*Contact the shop to set a fitting appointment during any fitting day 

Let me repeat:  there is something that bothers me a great deal about indoor testing.  It is the intimidation factor.  Many golfers appear to be self-conscious and intimidated by the indoor experience.  Take these players outside, however, and often the swing more naturally.

This is a big reason why demo days are so valuable.  The outdoor experience also has given rise to the traveling fitting van… These vans allow golfers to hit clubs with different specifications and be thoroughly evaluated.

A great fitter is worth more than a great fitting system.  Some who is genuinely interested in your game most likely will be able to help you.  In the end, it comes down to the individual fitter and his ability to listen, observe and appraise.

Finding the right set of clubs is not easy, and no one should pretend it is.

James Achenbach, golfweek.com columnist

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